"Thank you for the best policy I have ever had. Not only saving me 700.00 a year, but for the best policy and benefits as well. You guys are the real deal!!!!" "


"Bree is a special kind of customer service: [she's an] attentive, talented, [and] gifted young lady that I have run across. She was willing to help go beyond the call of duty, she has answers and questions, and she saw both for the customer. She makes it easy to understand, and I just thought maybe you should know that I've been with Low VA Rates for about a year-and-a-half, maybe, and since she came on board she makes it all worthwhile cuz I was planning on leaving, but I just think that accommodation or something nice for her would be a good gift. She works hard and she put the customers first."


I have been working with LVR Insurance for a few months now and am very impressed with how kind and understanding Chase has been. LVR Insurance works to help me understand things, without pressuring me into anything that isn’t the best for me. They are very experienced and have answers to any questions or concerns I have. I am confident in saying that when working with LVR Insurance, I am in the best hands."


"I love having the support of someone that works like Chase Cooper, as well as everyone else at LVR Insurance. They are easy to work with and willing to talk whenever I need direction. LVR Insurance made me realize that insurance doesn’t have to be automated with support as well. This is how support should feel."